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5-10x Your Online Store Sales in 60 Days or Less
Without Frustrating Guesswork on How to Make Your Store Convert

Know exactly how to turn your Shopify or WooCommerce site into a money-making factory with a plug and play system coupled with unrivaled, personalized support.

An Unrivaled, Plug-and-Play Facebook & Instagram Advertising System

Any online store with a physical product can plug into this system that has scaled dozens of Shark Tank businesses and other physical product stores into the millions. No need for an expensive agency to scale your business predictably, have the tools in your back pocket instead.

No Need to Settle for Crappy, Lame Creative in Your Ads

Plug-and-play templates and step-by-step instructions make creating amazing, on brand, high converting ads simple and powerful with no guesswork. (1).gif
Get the Same Results You Could Get With a High Ticket Agency in Just Minutes a Day

More than a course, more than support... this is your ticket to a one-of-a-kind blueprint, made public for the first time ever. A blueprint that has scaled e-commerce businesses with physical products into the millions. 

Led by well-known marketing industry leader, Matt Johnston. A social video pioneer who has used his unique creative and digital advertising methodologies to make millions for businesses worldwide in his own agency, Guide Social.

Online Socializing
Scale School
from Matt Johnston & Guide Social
The only program on the planet that holds your hand, step by step with simple, plug-and-play instruction on...
Your Store

No matter how good your ads are... if your store sucks, you are dead in the water.

We'll show you exactly how to build a Shopify or WooCommerce Storefront and Product Pages that are proven to convert.

Online Shopping
Your Ads

Selling physical products online is a unique beast that needs a unique and proven system so you don't flush money down the toilet.

We'll show you exactly how we scale Shark Tank companies and others with physical products into the stratosphere with high-converting Facebook and Instagram ads

Teenager with Mobile Phone
Your Creative

Sick of seeing lame, off brand, predictable, boring ads in your Facebook and Instagram? Worried You'd have to do that too to see results?

We hate it too. No need for that garbage. We'll give you our unique system for high converting, on brand video and image creative. Including plug-and-play templates and A-Level instruction.

Mobile Phone

Hi, my name is Matt Johnston. I'm the CEO & Founder of Guide Social, the author of Producing Empathy: The Secret Method I Use to Get 100 Million Views on Videos Online, and the host of The Video Marketing Podcast.

I'm also an entrepreneur, like you. And like you, I have made a lot of mistakes and little pivots in my business over time to get to the place I'm at today.

I didn't set out to start a business growing e-commerce stores, but as luck and chance would have it - it turns out I have a knack for it, and it's become my life's work.

$4K to $200K in 30 Days

I remember the email.

A friend who had fallen from grace after being on Shark Tank 5 years earlier asking for help.

His business was dying, he told me. He was getting 2 sales a day. And it was about time he thought about closing up shop, selling off the assets, and focusing on something else.

I said - let me try something.

I knew how poorly his Facebook Ads and store were being ran so I asked him to give me $750 (for ad spend) to let me try to run some ads using my unique video methodology.

What the heck, he said. Desperate times.

Then things got nuts.

2 sales a day turned into 20.

20 turned into 40.

Before he knew it, he had upwards of 80-100 sales a day in his store, in less than 30 days. A few months later, he had hit $ 2 Million in revenue for the year. The previous year he had done $160K all in. Now he did that in less than a month.

We were onto something. And it wasn't long before we took this methodology to the rest of the  e-commerce world. Helping strong brands with amazing products scale past the clouds into their wildest dreams.

Now we're bringing it directly to you, on demand. We want every business to win using this system, but our agency alone couldn't do it. We needed to scale it. Bring it to more people. Here you go.

More Than Ads

This is no Facebook Ads course. Certainly that's part of it. But ads alone won't do jack for you if your Shopify or WooCommerce store isn't ready to convert.

And I don't just mean aesthetics like button colors and gallery photos, I mean...

Upsell Strategies

Cross-Sell Strategies

Landing Pages

Funnel Structures

Social Proof

This is so much more important than most store owners give it credit for. And it is a Fundamental and powerful piece of scale school In fact, it may sneakily be the silver bullet of the program.

Emotional Promise

From the copy on your website, to your ads in social feeds, there always needs to be an emotional promise associated. It's the engine that runs your store and your advertising.

We'll help you connect to your ideal customer's deepest pain points, wants, and needs, so you can speak to them with the empathy and emotion is takes to sell to them. Then we'll help you turn it into cold, hard cash.

What's Inside
Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 3.40.57 PM.png

Travis Perry, Chordbuddy

We went from 2 purchases a day and $4,000 per month to $150k per month and 100 purchases a day! They literally saved this business

Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 3.43.00 PM.png

Pratt Palanthra, Freebowler

The launch went wild! Not only did we get a ton of attention, but we sold our first 100 units and did our first $50K of business

Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 3.41.21 PM.png

Valerie Elhurr

I made $48,000 in my first 6 weeks working with Guide Social. Matt and his team are amazing

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