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In this book I reveal for the first time the secrets behind 10 billion+ video views online. Secrets discovered from years as a top producer and video executive at NowThis, Business Insider, New York Magazine, and more.

Do you want your videos to go viral online? And get mass attention to you, your business, or both? You could buy a $1,000 video course that may or may not deliver .... or you could buy this book for 98% less - and get an even better result.

In Producing Empathy you will learn:

- My exclusive, plug-and-play HERO system to create repeatable viral video online (the system behind 10 billion views)
- 50+ hacks to create massively shareable video content with no prior experience
- A battle-tested methodology for writing social video scripts optimized for virality
- A domination guide for creating a video strategy that builds massive awareness and revenue for your brand
- An exclusive chapter on how to perform on camera, with a foolproof methodology anyone can use and instantly perform better

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